Boost productivity and efficiency, Get to the heart of the problem!


Executive Retreat provides a platform for dialogue and open discussion.

                  React in time to prevent professional breakdown or "burn out"  with efficient and powerful tools.


Put in place concrete strategies to combat absenteism and lack of motivation. Provide ways to reduce stress, tension and disconnection. Being mindful and looking after your teams will help avoid serious problems in the future as the world is changing and evolving constantly.


     Let go and concentrate on the essential!

Situated in the heart of the Mont St Michel Bay Executive Retreat hosts week long retreats of carefully conceived workshops and individual sessions, tailor made for your team. The numbers are limited to 11 individuals to ensure the quality of the attention and service.

Learn how to create wellbeing at work to ensure a peaceful future!

     A whole team of healers at your disposal for a week!

Our team will be on hand throughout the retreat so that each person can benefit not only from group work but also from one on one sessions.

     Tools for greater abundance and profit!

Your business can expand and achieve optimum results for now and the future with a calmer workforce, who are better prepared and more productive, and who are able to communicate effectively and clearly.

     A healthy team in a healthy business !


Contact Laurence, (client relations) 06 70 80 40 52 for more information.




It is an absolute Jewel of a find, we adored our stay and left feeling recharged and full of joy

Katie from Ontario, Canada